Cage Cricket

The Red Zone

Ownership of the game is with the players. The players spend equal time with the bat, the ball and in the field.

They also spend an equal amount of time in The Red Zone.

The Red Zone is a crucial element of the game and has great benefits on two fronts. In the first, it ensures that a game of Cage Cricket can be run in a smooth and fair manner without the need of an external umpire or referee. In the second, it encourages the educational, social and ethical development of the individual and the group as a whole.

The Red Zone was therefore created to encourage these very important core values that will be demonstrated and practices throughout each match.


  • Running of the game making sure all players are abiding by the rules.


  • All contentious decisions go through The Red Zone.
  • The Red Zone decision is final.
  • The game is played in a fair but competitive manner.
  • You need to update the scoreboard after each ball, whether it’s you own score or another player within the Cage.

Respect / Value

  • Respect is shown to The Red Zone, as this player makes all the decisions and controls the game. At the same time each player will respect and value each zone / player and their rights within the Cage.


  • As arbiter of the game in The Red Zone you must communicate with all other players. This ensures that all players on the court engage with each other and communicate throughout the game.

Decisions under pressure

  • During the course of the game, especially when playing the last set of plays, decisions will be made that can affect the result. This ensures that every player on the pitch gets practice at making key decisions in stressed or pressured scenarios.

Social Skills

  • By being in The Red Zone, you will have already broken the barrier of communication with another player (who you may or may not know). Post match, you will be able to discuss achievements that were made within the Cage and offer general thoughts and observations. When you next see them you know each other from that game and experience you shared.


  • The game belongs to the 6 players on the court. There are no external influences to other players except through The Red Zone.

Concentration / Focus

  • Understanding of the game.
  • The Red Zone demands powers of concentration and focus, not only on their own competitive game but also on the other players in the Cage. Decisions have to be made and made correctly to encourage the fairness of the match.
  • Understanding of the rules for the game.