Cage Cricket

Cage Cricket Investigates the Benefits of Playing the Sport on Dementia

Diagnosis of any illness such as dementia can often lead to a restricted lifestyle, and contrary to popular myth, is not merely something that affects people in later life. The launch of the “Not Out” programme by Dementia Friendly Hampshire will research the impact of sport on dementia, giving people the opportunity to play Cage Cricket.

Dementia Friendly Hampshire continually work extremely hard, not only to change perceptions of dementia, but also to look for innovative means of engagement for those diagnosed and their families.

The “Not Out” programme is a unique collaborative project between Dementia Friendly Hampshire, Cage Cricket and Bournemouth University’s Dementia Institute. Together, the project will undertake the research and evaluation on the impact of sport for both those diagnosed and their families.

The programme will be looking to create sustainable memories, opportunities for engagement and reflection within a sport based environment.

Dr Rick Fisher and Ben Hicks from BUDI will be leading the study with Ben explaining how this initiative will focus on :

  • the fundamental rights of people with dementia to have access to activities that are meaningful to them and promote a sense of social inclusion,
  • health benefits of mental, physical and social stimulation as well as life-long learning
  • enabling people with dementia to be active contributors to their own support and care needs
  • challenging perceptions of the capabilities of people with dementia and widen social inclusion agenda

People from various representative groups will be invited to gather in June for the opportunity to play Cage Cricket with focus groups and individuals providing feedback on their experiences, benefits and potential changes to their perceptions of what can be achieved.

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