Cage Cricket

Cage Cricket at Stoke Mandeville Stadium

In February 2017 Cage Cricket South East took the game to Stoke Mandeville where it was enjoyed by wheelchair users aged 8-80 from the National Spinal Injuries Unit.  The next day Olivia (Livv) Sklenar (Spinal Injury Sports Rehabilitation CSW at Bucks NHS Trust) posted this on LinkedIn:

“Yesterday Neil Bunting introduced some of my patients to the concept of Cage Cricket and we loved it! A much more accessible game of cricket for wheelchair users and is played indoors all year round.  It was also great for young and old and points are scored by everyone so no one gets left behind.”

Livv and her patients were so impressed that they have invited us along again after Easter when we hope to be joined by our friends at WheelPower.

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