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Warsaw Hussars Visits Surrey to Play Cage Cricket

As the cricketers from Sri Lanka and Pakistan took centre stage around the country over the past few weeks, taking on their English hosts, in Surrey, Cage Cricket welcomed the Warsaw Hussars from Poland. Although the Hussars have visited Surrey previously, this would be the first occasion on which they had the opportunity to play Cage Cricket.

Neil Bunting from Cage 4 All Surrey explained how the team were regular visitors in recent years, but that this year having introduced Cage into the county was a new chance to add something else to the tour. All of the players took to the game very quickly, and as the pictures below demonstrate, clearly enjoyed their time learning this innovative form of the game.

Jerzy Suchodolski, the Chairman of Warsaw Hussars, spoke afterwards about the experience; “Cage is a perfect tool to bring cricketing skills and habits into Polish schools, being perfect for kids of school ages. I would see Cage as being a really important stepping stone from which people, of all ages, could progress in cricket.”

He went onto explain how indoor cricket would provide a natural progression for people learning to play Cage Cricket, and added that the indoor variety was of  particular interest to Polish clubs and players. “Due to the Polish climate, especially through the Autumn, Winter and early Spring, most PE lessons and games have to be conducted indoors, so would provide an ideal set up for Cage Cricket.”

Jerzy continued, “What I especially liked was that the rules are simple to follow and the rotation of players after every over is similar to volleyball, which is the most popular sport in Poland. I would love to see this in Polish schools, but I have to be realistic that whilst there would be huge benefits for schools and students in playing Cage, the only showstopper is the cost of this kit. Schools in Poland do not have anywhere near the budgets of English schools, and to find the money for a kit to be delivered and then for Cage Cricket training to be given would be impossible.”

Trevor McArdle, co-founder of Cage Cricket outlined the value of this; “We have already seen how Cage can extend beyond international boundaries with the likes of Barbados, Australia, Canada, USA, India and Sri Lanka playing. To now have not only the opportunity to try and get Cage into Poland, but also to provide pathways into the sport as a whole really demonstrates the value of Cage for any community.”

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