Cage Cricket

Cage Cricket Introduced to Magna Carta School

During the past few months Cage Cricket South East delivered a programme of Cage Cricket sessions with the pupils at Magna Carta School in Staines, funded by Sportivate and Active Surrey. The sessions took place immediately after school on Fridays and proved to be a very enjoyable sporting and social end to the week.

The sessions attracted a core group of about ten, largely Year 11 pupils with some other younger attendees, with a mix of boys and girls. Over the weeks the standard of play rose markedly with some spectacular scores recorded.

The program has been a huge success in our school. Our students have loved playing cricket in this new way. It is fun, relaxed and caters for all abilities. We have had students from every year group participating and having a good time on a Friday after school,” said Mr Mark Rose, PE Teacher TMCS

Neil and Haidee have been superb in creating an environment where teenagers can be introduced to cricket. They keep everyone engaged and involved. It teachers cricket in a new and exciting way, enthusing our students and encouraging them to participate,” Rose noted.

Feedback from participants included:

“I like it, it’s great. It’s enjoyable. Everyone just has fun.” Andrew B. (age 16).

“I love it, quite social, the staff are nice. It’s a bit of fun. People look forward to it every Friday. It’s a chance to meet friends.” Nathan G. (age 16).

“It’s a good indoor sport you can play all year round. There’s a good atmosphere. It’s fun. I like that you don’t have to go far to collect the ball.” Liam A. (age 16).

“It’s enjoyable, good for fitness, a good laugh with friends and it’s good for those that don’t play cricket and those that do.”  Connor H. (age 16).

“It’s fun, entertaining and good for any age.” Krishna P. (age 12).

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